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PWMI believes that all persons who are experiencing mental health challenges, no matter how severe, can go on to lead successful, fulfilling lives. We help our members experience hope by providing them the support and resources needed. Our team, including clinicians and peer support specialists, work with our members to accomplish their personal goals.
We ask the question,“What do you want to accomplish and how can I help you to get there?”
What We Do
What We Do

We empower people with mental health challenges by believing in their unique experiences

Our members provide the plan and we provide the resources. We focus on three key perspectives.

Lived Experiences

Every experience is unique and therefore, We choose to believe our members’ unique experiences of their mental illness. This also includes the many aspects of their daily lives such as culture and personal identity.


We recognize that BIPOC and the LGBTQ communities have often been excluded from the mental health conversation. We support solutions for these groups by practicing diversity and inclusion with our team, members and communities.

Meeting Demands

The average ratio of mental health professionals to those engaging in mental health services is often 1:10,000. We believe that digital interventions can help meet this continued increase in demand.
Our Solution
Our Solution

We believe in working together.

We are promoting an online experience where members can engage with mental health professionals including clinicians and peer support specialists. We practice mutual respect, awareness of the impact of trauma, and sensitivity towards culture

Human Centered Design

We operate based on a philosophy that promotes designing for real people, creating products, services and experiences that address the core needs of those with lived experiences of mental illness.


Our services and solutions are based on the principle of equity, ensuring that they are affordable for all, including socially disadvantaged groups.


In many parts of the world, mental health professionals are extremely outnumbered by those who need them. Our team works virtually which allows services to be accessible even in remote areas.


Our online systems allow us to easily collect data, improving our efficiency, flexibility and equity when delivering our services. Our data collection and analysis will aid us in improving our products, formulating inclusive policies and contribute to the global mental health ecosystem
Our Health
Our Health


PWMI has taken on the challenge to create a service and a product that provides quality care for Person With Mental Illness around the world.

In this survey, we are wanting to gather information regarding access to mental illness services and the need for supportive, recovery-based care.

Our Products

Safe support, right at your Finger tips

We do things differently. We focus on you.


Members should be the center of the care they receive. You tell us what you need.


Everyone is an expert in their own lives. We work together with you to understand your experience.

Personal Goals

We provide resources for our members based on their individual goals. Your life, your goals.


We believe that recovery is possible. By continuously evaluating your care, we ensure that our members accomplish this.
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